Analysis of 438 reviews show that Seatfrog may need to upgrade their app

Seatfrog offers you to upgrade your seat on your next train trip, last-minute. However, it seems that it’s not that easy to navigate through the app itself.

Why do we say this?

The topic “booking” occurred in 23% of the reviews and has an average grade of 1,50 / 5. This indicates that it’s mentioned in a negative way. Some customers mentioned that the app didn’t recognize their booking reference, which caused people to waste their time.

This leads us to the topic “reference” that has an average grade of 1,33 / 5 and occurred in 14% of the reviews. This topic confirms what was mentioned about the topic “booking”, the app won’t accept customers’ booking number.

The topic “number” occurred in 6% of the reviews and has an average grade of 1,44 / 5. As mentioned before, the app doesn’t seem to recognize booking references or reservations. It was also mentioned that some customers had experienced that the app had crashed on several occasions.

It seems that the major issue with the app is that it isn’t recognizing booking numbers. Seatfrog could be in need of establishing a more efficient and thorough quality assurance, that will deal with bugs and other issues as fast as possible. The app itself needs to be revised to function in a proper way.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Google Play.

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