Mealpal review analysis shows difficulties in contacting the company

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Mealpal is a service where you through membership can get a subscription on lunches and dinners from the best restaurants nearby. All restaurants offer one of their signature dishes daily and it is easy to make a reservation and pick up the food you like. Most customers like this way of getting different kinds of food for lunch. However, some customers think that Mealpal could handle their accounts in a better way.

Why do we say this?

The topic “charged” is a negative one. Many reviewers complain about being charged without their authorization. The topic “charged” has an average grade of 1,40 / 5 which is much lower than the overall average grade of 3,50 / 5. It seems to be an issue with automatic charges. Users of Mealpal should know what they are supposed to pay. Mealpal can amend this by being more clear about their fees.

Another negative topic is the topic of “email”. According to the reviews, there is no phone number for customer support online. This makes customers irritated because of the slow emailing process. We can see that the topic “email” is extra negative when it is discussed in relation to the topic “cancel”. When customers want to cancel their accounts they get stuck in long email conversations that they don’t feel is particularly helpful. The average grade for “email” is 1,68 / 5. One way to make things better could be to simply put a phone number to customer service in a more visible place on the website. Another idea could be to install some sort of more direct way of communication with customer support. Currently it almost seems like Mealpal doesn’t want their customers to reach their support.

The topics “charged” and “email” are clearly the two most negative ones. One of the company’s strengths, on the other hand, is the variety of different foods. The topic “selection is mentioned in 40% of the reviews and has an average grade of 4,02 / 5 which is higher than the overall average of 3,50 / 5. The many different choices are highly appreciated.

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