Runkeeper doesn’t keep running? Analysis of 9 816 app reviews

Photo: Kyle Cassidy

We analyzed 9 816 reviews about Runkeeper from Google Play with the help of Gavagai Explorer. The main concern is that the Runkeeper app stops recording during runs and walks. This is something that really annoys the users of the app. The Runkeeper app tracks your runs with GPS and helps you analyze your workouts.

What do we base our findings on?

There are two different findings in the reviews that indicate problems with the recordings of runs.
We find the first one in the topic “start”.  The topic “start” has an average grade of 3,04 / 5 which makes it a negative driver to the overall average grade of 3,85 / 5. According to the example texts, we can see that the main problem is that recordings need to be restarted after either the recording stops or the app shuts down.
The second finding is about the topic “phone”. It is also a negative driver for the overall grade. We can see that the grade is worse when “phone” is mentioned together with “screen”. In the examples, we can see that the recordings stop when the screen is turned off and the phone goes to sleep. The average grade for “phone” is 2,97 / 5 and the overall average grade is 3,85 / 5.

It could be a good idea for Runkeeper to take a look at how the app operates when the phone is in sleep mode. Nobody wants technical issues during runs.

The research team at Gavagai had run this analysis using our text analysis tool. Data in this article are collected from public data that is published on Google Play.

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