Is store credit ruining GOAT’s reputation?

GOAT’s customer service has mixed responses from their customers. While some think it is great, the majority think it is terrible to the point where it is affecting the overall grade of GOAT. It seems that store credit might be what is behind the unhappiness of GOAT’s customers.

What do we base our findings on?

“Customer service” has an occurrence of 10% in the reviews. It is also associated with a rather low grade, 2,23 / 5 on average. 
“Service” however occurs in 8% of reviews but has a grade of 4,38 / 5. This shows that the service is not necessarily the problem. 
Looking at what is the most negative, we find topics such as “refund” and “store credit”. Both of these topics have grades beneath 1,40 / 5. 

While the service seems to be good, there is still a lot of negativity concerning “customer service”. People do not seem to enjoy the aspect of “store credit”. There also seems to be a lot of problems concerning “refunds”. This along with the positivity regarding “service” shows that the service per se is not the problem here, but the solution offered by the customer service.

The research team at Gavagai had run this analysis using our text analysis tool. Data in this article are collected from public data that is published on TrustPilot.

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