I sent an email but never got one back! A summary of 669 reviews about Premier Dead Sea USA

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Premier Dead Sea USA provides skincare products inspired by the mythological healing powers of the Dead Sea. They have brought nature and technology together to create the best possible skincare products. But there are still things that the company can improve.

Why do we say this?

In general, customers enjoy the service they get. The topic “customer service” is highly rated with an average of 4,40 / 5. The overall average is 4,15 / 5. This makes “customer service” a positive driver for the average grade and the topic is related to a couple of positive emotive words like “great”, “excellent” and “good”. Some even mention specific people at the customer service who have been extra helpful. In contrast to this, the topic “email” is the worst-rated topic in our analysis. It has an average of just 2,48 / 5 and is mentioned by 5% of the reviewers. It could be a good idea to look into why customers’ opinions on “email” differ so much from the general opinions on “customer service”. Dealing with emails in a different way may help Premier Dead Sea USA to increase customer satisfaction.

Customers like the free samples. Almost 20% of the reviews that are about the topic “sample” also mention the topic “love”. The samples may be a nice touch to Premier’s business but the grade is similar to the overall average grade. What really drives the grade in a positive direction is the quality of the products.

The topic “skin” is mentioned in 19% of the reviews and the average grade is 4,70 / 5. According to the reviews, customers think Premier’s products actually help them to get softer and smoother skin.

The research team at Gavagai performed this analysis using our AI-powered text analysis tool, Gavagai Explorer. All texts analyzed in this article are collected from public online data published on Trustpilot.

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