Analysis of 7 417 KILLSTAR reviews shows what customers appreciate

Customers of KILLSTAR seem to be talking the most about two things regarding the company. The quality of their products, and the shipping. These two topics are very appreciated by the customers!

What do we base this on?

The topic “quality” is the most mentioned topic in this analysis occurring in 33% of the reviews. It also has the highest grade of 4,79 / 5 which is higher than the average grade of 4,45 / 5 for this project. The topic often occurs in relation to the topics “shipping” “good” “amazing” “clothing”.

“Shipping”  occurs in 27% of the reviews and is also one of the highest-graded topics with an average grade of 4,70 / 5. The topic is often mentioned along with “quality” and “great”.

From this analysis of 7417 reviews, we can see what customers like the most about KILLSTAR. They seem to be more than happy with the quality of the items they have bought as well as the shipping of their purchase. Maintaining these qualities has most likely helped KILLSTAR reach the great overall grade it has (4,45 / 5).

The research team at Gavagai had run this analysis using our text analysis tool. Data in this article are collected from public data that is published on TrustPilot.

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