We analyzed 6 398 reviews about Evernote

Can Evernote Get Back To The Top Of Note Application Market?

Evernote is a software company based in California, USA. Their different note-taking applications are some of the most recognizable productivity apps in the world. Starting out with a humble note-taking app, the original Evernote, they now have a full suite on par with Google or Microsoft. Though it seems they have been struggling lately, as they recently let go of 15% of their total working force.

We wanted to see why Evernote is struggling to keep a steady footing in the productivity app market. To get an idea we decided to analyze 6398 Evernote reviews from Capterra. This is what we found out!

Here are 4 things we found out!

The topic “track” correlates to a higher than average grade with 4,65 compared to the overall average of 4,55. It is mentioned in 3% of all reviews.

“Phone” correlates to the grade of 4,66, which is comparatively high. It is mentioned in 6% of all reviews. The topic’s rate of occurrence has increased from 2016 to 2019.

“Organize” is also performing over average at 4,58. Its mention has also increased over the last few years, currently occurring in 13% of all reviews.

Two topics that are converging on the graph is “user” and “interface”. “User” has an occurrence of 4%, correlating to a grade of 4,41 / 5. “Interface” shares the same score and occurs at 5%. The two are often mentioned in the same reviews, which suggests that their mention often refers to the user interface. Both correlate to a score lower than the overall average of 4,55 / 5.

The topic “features” also correlates to a grade lower than average at 4,48 / 5. It has been mentioned more in the last few years and currently sits at 15%.

What can we tell from this?

Evernote has a high average grade, but different news sources show that the service has gone down in popularity. 

The data implies that some reviewers like Evernote’s overall functionality, since topics such as “track” and “organize” is driving the average grade up. How “phone” is mentioned also suggests that reviewers like how the application works in combination with their phone. 

Though the data points to that the user interface could be improved. The topics “user” and “interface” are correlating to a decrease in the average grade. 

Some reviewers also seem to think that Evernote does not have enough features.

If Evernote wants to relive their glory days, we propose that they should look into the issues that surfaced in our analysis.

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