We analyzed 796 reviews about Zenith Insurance

Is Zenith Insurance struggling to keep up with anticipated processing times?

Zenith Insurance is an American insurance company that specializes in workers’ compensation. People that have Zenith’s insurance with workers’ compensation, get money even when they’re not working. The company has been around since 1949 and is owned by Fairfax Financial.

We wanted to see how Zenith Insurance has been received by reviewers on Trustpilot. To find out, we ran 796 reviews through Gavagai Explorer for analysis. These are our findings!

Here are 3 things we found out!

The topic “customer service” correlates to an average grade of 4,11 / 5. That is considerably higher than the overall average 3,21 / 5. It occurs in 38% of all reviews.

“Months” correlates to a lower than average grade as it has a grade of 1,56 / 5. The topic seems to refer to the number of months the reviewers have waited for a certain operation. It occurs in 9% of all reviews.

The topic “waiting” has an average grade of 2,0 / 5. It occurs in 2% of all reviews.

What can we tell from this?

Zenith Insurance’s average grade of 3,21 is not great. Some of the negativity seems to traceable to the topic “months” and “waiting”. Both of the topics refer to the amount of time it takes for the insurance company to process a case. Some reviewers seem to dislike the amount of time it takes to get a settlement.

If Zenith Insurance wants to really shine on Trustpilot, they might have to pick up the pace at which they process cases.

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