We analyzed 289 reviews about Osteria Francescana

What eating at the world-renowned restaurant Osteria Francesca is really like

Osteria Francescana is a restaurant owned and run by chef Massimo Bottura in Modena, Italy. As of 2018, Osteria Francescana has been named as the best restaurant in the world in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

We wanted to see what we could learn about Osteria Francescana and how customers experience it. So we took 289 reviews about them and ran them through Gavagai explorer. Here is what we learned!

Here are 3 things we found out!

The topic “wine pairing” has a grade of 4,68 / 5. This value is higher than the overall average grade of 4,47 / 5 for the project. The topic occurs in 8% of the reviews and has a a 100% positivity when mentioned in 2019.

The topic “the service” occurs in 34% of the texts and frequently occurs along with the topics dish (in 43% of the cases) and impeccable (in 13% of the cases). This indicates that customers are very satisfied with the overall service from the staff at Osteria Francescana. The negative driver in this topic is that not all customers experience the same service.

The topic “experience” has a grade of 4,76 / 5. The topic occurs in 33% of the reviews and indicates that customers mostly being happy and satisfied with their experience from Osteria Francescana. The negative drivers behind this topic all seem to be involving the staff.

What can we tell from this?

The overall average grade of the project indicates that Osteria Francescana is being well received by customers. The negative drivers seem to be connected to the staff in some way or another. Maybe the complaints regarding the staff are due to particular staff members having a bad day. Even so, it’s important to keep up to date on factors that might cause customers to look elsewhere.

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