We analyzed 838 reviews about NCU

How hard is it to graduate NCU?

Northcentral University is an online university based in San Diego. The university does not require active participation from students. It also offers accelerated programs that allow students to graduate faster.

We wanted to see how NCU is bringing their higher educations to the web. To find out, we decided to analyze Northcentral University. We put Gavagai Explorer to work and analyzed 838 reviews from Trustpilot.

Here are 4 things we found out!

The topic “the staff” correlates to an average grade of 4,62 / 5. That is a higher grade than the overall average, 4,22 / 5. It is included in 13% of all reviews. The topic is sometimes mentioned in connection to “faculty”.

“Phd” has an average grade of 4,39 / 5, which is higher than the overall average. It is mentioned in 15% of all reviews.

The topic “chairperson” correlates to a lower than average grade of 3,77. It has an occurrence of 12% in the body of reviews.

“Dissertation” also has a comparatively negative average at 3,67 / 5. Of all the reviews it is mentioned in 15%. The topic has steadily increased it’s correlation to higher average grades over time.

What we found out

NCU has a good overall performance with some inconsistencies. The data seems to show that reviewers like the staff, as it’s correlating to a higher than average grade.

Though, reviewers might have been experiencing difficulties in their dissertation processes. Both “dissertation” and “chairperson”, that is the person who guides the dissertation process, correlates to a negative average.

It seems like reviewers who mention “phd” are positive to that topic. That points to reviewers who got the stage of starting or obtaining their PhD have a positive perception of that particular process.

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