We analyzed 3 553 reviews about Nevada Corporate Headquarters

Are Nevada Corporate Headquarters really as good as they say?

Nevada Corporate Headquarters Inc. (NCH) has been the business startup specialist in Nevada for over twenty-five years. NCH has formed over 90 000 business entities worldwide and has a nationwide reputation for assisting entrepreneurs, corporations and licensed professionals.

We wanted to see what we could learn Nevada Corporate Headquarters and how their services are being received by customers. So we took 3 553 reviews about them from Trustpilot and ran them through Gavagai explorer. Here is what we learned!

Here are 3 things we found out!

The topic “process” has a grade of 4,97 / 5. This value is higher than the overall average grade of 4,96 / 5 for the project. The topic occurs in 21% of the texts and frequently occurs along with the topic simple (in 36% of the cases). This indicates that customers mostly experience the processing of request to be simple, informative and easy to digest.

The topic “services” occurs in 7% of the reviews and indicates customers being very satisfied with the overall services provided by NCH.

The topic “experience” has a grade of 4,95 / 5. It occurs in 12% of the texts and frequently occurs along with the topics great (in 26% of the cases). This indicates customers having a great experience with NCH.

What can we tell from this?

With a high overall average grade of 4,96 / 5 and the lowest grade sitting at 4,88 / 5 for this project. We can safely say that the services provided by NCH are being very well received by customers. With these grades, high expectations from future customers are sure to follow.

As for now. The analysis really reflects the NCH’s claim, which is that they are dedicated to providing the highest standard of customer service to obtain 100% client satisfaction.

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