We analyzed 7 572 reviews about H&M’s app

Simple to navigate H&Ms’ app

H&M (Hennes & Mauritz AB) is a Swedish clothing retail company that operates in 62 countries with more than 4 500 stores. With steady growth over the years, it’s one of the biggest players in the mass market of fashion.

We wanted to see if the quality of H&M matches the company’s success. We ran 7 572 reviews about the H&M app through Gavagai Explorer to find out what users think about the app. Here are some things we learned.

Here are 3 things we found out!

The topic “navigate” has a higher than average grade of 4,81 / 5. It is frequently mentioned together with the topic “simple” (in 92% of the reviews).

A topic that is very frequently mentioned and has a grade of 4,91 / 5 is “simple”. Related topics are “user” (58%) and “buy” (15%).

Among the lower grades we find the topic “account” that has an average grade of 1,84 / 5. It’s frequently mentioned along with the topics “password” (13% of the cases) and “fix” (12%).

What can we tell from this?

Because of the frequent use and high grading of topics such as “simple”, “navigate”, “user” and “buy”, we can draw the conclusion that many of the H&M app users are satisfied with how it works. Users also seem to appreciate how easy the app is to use to make purchases.

On the downside, some users mention problems with their accounts and having trouble logging in. We can see this from the data about topics such as “account”, “password” and “fix”. Too keep users happy and improving the user experience, we suggest looking further into these issues with the app.

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