We analyzed 1 277 reviews about Ashworth College

How Ashworth is adding choices on the market of online colleges

Ashworth College is an online college based in Georgia, USA. They offer an assortment of different programs for getting titles such as a plumber, veterinary technician, and psychologist. Students can start studying at any point during the year and study at practically any pace.

We were interested to see how Ashworth College is maneuvering the market of online colleges. To analyze how they’re doing, we fed Gavagai Explorer 1 277 reviews from Trustpilot. This is what we found out!

Here are 5 things we found interesting!

The topic “staff” has an average grade of 4,7 / 5. That is higher than the overall average of  4,13 / 5. “Staff” occurs in 7% of all reviews.

“Pace” correlates to an average grade of 4,66 / 5, which is 0,53 / 5 higher than the overall average. It occurs in 9% of all reviews.

“Affordable” is another topic that is driving positivity with its high grade average. It occurs in 9% of all reviews

The topic “accredited” has a lower than average grade at 3,34 / 5. It occurs quite seldom at 3% of all reviews.

The topic “job” correlates to an average grade of 3,4 / 5. It occurs in 6% of all reviews and has dramatically decreased in correlation to higher grades over time.

What can we tell from this?

Ashworth College offers a high degree of choice with regards to its different programs and customizable pace. Though reviewers might not feel confident in the career options the education leads to. 

The data points to that the college is perceived as affordable by some reviewers. “Staff” is also getting a higher than average grade which indicates that reviewers appreciate the staff. 

It’s worth noting that both “accredited” and “job” correlates to lower than average grades. That might mean that some reviewers aren’t finding the jobs they expected to get after graduating.

To keep performing well in reviews, Ashworth should consider how students perceive their chances of getting a career after graduating.

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