We analyzed 6 199 reviews about Wish

Is Wish a reliable e-commerce platform?

Wish is a global e-commerce website that got founded in 2010 in the United States. The service of Wish has spread to a majority of countries around the world because of the cheap prices they offer on a huge variety of items. 

The popularity of Wish made us intrigued in what customers thought about wish product and service. We analyzed a total of 6 199 reviews with the help of Gavagai Explorer.

Here are 4 things we found out!

The topic “app” is the most highly regarded topic for the customers. It got a grade of 3,05 / 5 and was above the overall average (2,33 / 5). According to customers, the app was easy to use and quickly learned the individual preferences so that customers found faster what they were looking for.

As mentioned before, the topic prices are mentioned a lot and got the grade 2,82 / 5. The whole idea of Wish is to have cheap prices and to some extent, the customers agree that Wish can offer just that. Other customers found that the shipping cost would be more than the actual product cost and made it undesirable to proceed with the order.

For unsatisfied customers who orders something from Wish there is a “refund” option that got the grade 2,06 / 5. The grade is below the overall average and customers found it most problematic that they could not ask for a refund before they sent the package back and many times someone asked for a refund the reason was that it never arrived.

The topic “ordering” was mentioned the most and got the grade 2,15 / 5. The topic occurs in 43 % of all reviews and those with a positive sentiment thought that ordering was easy and that they were happy with the product. Those who had a negative sentiment focused on canceling the order and said it was a hassle that most of the time did not work or was too complicated.

What can we tell from this?

With a lot of customers every day there is bound to be problems on a daily basis. It’s good for customers that the Wish app and website are easy to navigate, which, as mentioned before was the most liked aspect of Wish. It’s also good that Wish provides so low prices, but if the shipping is too expensive with the combination of “custom” from some countries then it defeats the purpose of being a cheap e-commerce marketplace.

Areas of improvement would be to make it easier for customers to get refunds when the order is not delivered. Wish should strive for taking responsibility for the package until it is in the customers’ grasp or at least have a better tracking over the order. The same could be applied to canceled orders, as making it easier for customers will make them appreciate Wish more and use it in the future. 

These topics that might need to be improved can be fixed and should be taken into consideration for the future of Wish.

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