We made a quick analysis of 471 reviews about Uncle Boons

What is an acceptable wait time for a table at a one-star restaurant?

Uncle Boons is an award-winning Thai Rotisserie & Grill located in Nolita, NYC. The restaurant serves inventive Thai cuisine in a fun and inviting atmosphere. In 2016, Uncle Boons received its first Michelin star.

We wanted to see how guests talk about this one-star Thai Rotisserie in NY. To analyze this, we took 471 reviews about Uncle Boons posted on google and analyzed them with Gavagai Explorer.

Here are 4 things we found out!

“Wait” is the most talked-about topic, mentioned in 23% of the reviews. It is often mentioned together with “table” and “reservation” and it seems to have a slightly negative impact on the grade. Since 2016, this topic has been talked about more frequently.

Reviewers who mention the topic “price” seems to give a lower grade than the average of all topics: 3,69 / 5 compared to 4,46 / 5.

The topic “atmosphere” is often mentioned together with “great” and “good”. It seems to have a positive impact on the grade but it was talked about more often in 2014 and 2015.

“Beer” has an average grade of 4,81 / 5, which is higher than the average of all topics. It often occurs together with “spicy” and “slushy”. The topic was talked about more often in 2013 and 2014.

What does this mean for Uncle Boons?

During the last two years, people have been talking more about the long waiting times for a table. Although the topic seems to have a negative impact on the grade, the grade is still quite high (4,21). This could mean that people are not very upset about the waiting times. However, if Uncle Boons wants to avoid that customers get annoyed because of the waiting, they might need to have a look at the reservation system. 

One thing that customers seem to appreciate is the beer selection. It appears that the restaurant offers frozen, slushy beer as well as spicy beer. 

Customers also seem to appreciate the atmosphere at the restaurant. However, customers talked more about both the atmosphere and the beer some years ago. Could this be a hint that Uncle Boons need to think more about their concept and how to stay relevant?

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