We analyzed 4 595 reviews about Oral B White 7 000 electric toothbrush

We wanted to find out what drives Oral B’s pervasiveness in the oral hygiene market

Oral B is an established brand of oral hygiene products, products such as toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, and mouthwash. The brand is particularly recognized for its electric toothbrushes and has been one of the leading designers in the market for several years.

We want to find out what drives Oral B’s pervasiveness in the oral hygiene market. By inserting into Gavagai Explorer 4 595 reviews from Amazon about an Oral B product, the Oral B White 7 000 electric toothbrush, we’ll be able to analyze just that.

Here are 4 things we found out!

The topic “timer” is mentioned often at 13% of all reviews, and its occurrence correlates with a 0,30 / 5 increase in average rating. 16% of the time it is used in combination with “app” and with the topic “Bluetooth” 14% of the time.

Also driving positivity is “app”. Also at a frequency of 13%, it drives favorable grades with an average increase of 0,25 / 5. Often times “app” is mentioned with “Bluetooth” at 26%, which is the way the app communicates with the toothbrush. It is also mentioned with “timer” at a rate of 16%.

The topic “head” correlates with an increase of 0,19 / 5 in average grade at a 11% mentioning rate. It is often used with “case”, occurring in connection to it 13% of the time (the included travel case has a head holder).

Negative grades correlate with the topic “battery” at an occurrence of 11%, lower than the average grade by 0,6 / 5. The topic is used in combination with “life” at a rate of 10% and “charge” at a rate of 38%.

What can we tell from this?

When using Gavagai to analyze a well-performing product such as the Oral B White 7 000, the data seems to point to a couple of factors that make it review well. It seems that the accessories drive positivity in reviews, the app and the timer in particular.

Reviewers seem to really like the connectivity and integration between toothbrush, phone and other auxiliaries such as the timer. The analysis seems to isolate those as determining factors for the brush doing well. 

The topic “battery” is driving positivity down in reviews, also a factor that might be interesting to look into, the battery life in particular. 

Overall, connectivity seems to be driving Oral B’s success even further.

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