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How monday.com is innovating the project management market

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Monday is a company that makes and sells the monday.com activity platform. It’s a project management platform with an assortment of productivity features. It tracks the amount of time every member has worked on a project etc.  

We wanted to find out what makes monday.com do so well on the market for productivity applications. To find out, we inserted 1 864 reviews from Capterra into the Gavagai AI for analysis.

Here are 5 things we found out!

The topic “tracking” correlates to an average grade of 4,76 / 5. That is higher than the overall average of 4,67 / 5. It occurs in 5% of all reviews and sometimes in connection with the topic “project management”.

“Customer service” also correlates to a higher than average grade of 4,76 / 5. It occurs in 5% of all reviews.

The topic “interface” correlates with an average grade of 4,62 / 5, which is 0,05 lower than the overall average of 4,67 / 5. It is included in 22 % of all reviews.

“App” also correlates with a comparatively negative average grade of 4,6 / 5. It occurs in 14% of all reviews.

The topic “pulses” is relatively well-received with a comparatively positive average grade. It is sometimes mentioned in connection to topic “groups”. Pulses are a feature on monday.com and are like a blank page that the user can put any information on.

Monday.com’s pulse is beating ever stronger

Since monday.com has a grade average of almost 4,7 / 5, it has been received very well on the productivity app market. Though some features that they offer might be working worse for some users. Topics such as “app” and “interface” are performing comparatively poorly, which might say something about the huge demands users have on UI in this day and age. 

A feature that is doing well for monday.com, and that is unique to monday.com, is “pulses”. The function seems to be very well-liked by some of the reviewers. Monday.com might be widening the conception of how a project can be structured with the function. Some of monday.com’s rivals might want to try similar routes to reach a similar degree of success.

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