We analyzed 4 394 reviews about Life’s Abundance

What do customers appreciate about Life’s Abundance?

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Life’s Abundance strives to help every family member in the house including the family cat or dog. Life’s Abundance offers a wide variety of animal products with high quality and a lot of healthy diet options for pets and humans.

Life’s Abundance provides services for a lot of households. Therefore we wanted to see what customers thought about the service that was being provided. We used Gavagai Explorer to analyze a total of 4 394 reviews from TrustPilot.

Here are 4 things we found out!

“Delivery” is mentioned in 16% of the reviews and had an average grade of 4,81 / 5 which is higher than the overall average grade 4,47 / 5. Customers showed high satisfaction with delivery as it went fast and was always on time so their beloved pets did never have to go hungry.

“Customer service” is one of the backbones in the service provided by Life’s Abundance and got the grade 4,80 / 5. Customers found the customer service to be fast, patient and friendly. They would also go the extra mile to make sure that the customers’ problem was solved to its fullest extent.

To keep your pets up to “healthy” standards sometimes special products and diets are the way to go. The topic “health” had an average grade of 4,85 / 5 and customers whose pets had various special conditions could always found quality products meant for their pets specific condition.

“Ordering” was mentioned frequently, around 20% of the reviews mentioned this topic and had a grade (4,62 / 5) below the average (4,74 / 5).  Overall the topic “ordering” had a high grade but fell a bit below the average because of a handful of customers’ experiences regarding mixed up orders.

Can Life’s Abundance provide a sustainable pet life?

The company Life Abundance had a significant grade of 4.74 / 5 which is an overall extraordinary grade to have from customers. They provide high-quality products in their physical and online store. These stores are filled with experienced employees that can help pet owners with a number of problems.  Delivery and healthy options for pets with special conditions or sickness very appreciated and keeping this help available to customers is an important factor for customer satisfaction.

The more negative sentiments that showed up in the analyses were not all negative and sometimes words used in the reviews such as “crazy” would usually be followed by words such as “good” which would be a positive sentiment. The only thing Life Abundance should think extra about is the mixed up orders however it’s hard to know from reviews if it is human errors or a computer system error. 

All in all Life Abundance helps pet owners to provide a good life for their pets.

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