We analyzed 1 873 reviews about one of Lexar’s memory-cards

How can Lexar’s memory cards improve according to customers?

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Lexar is an innovative tech company based in the United States. They produce flash drives, SSD-cards, and SD-cards which are used in various fields such as computers, phones, and other tech operations.

Lexar is a well-known company within the tech industry. Therefore we wanted to see what customers thought about their latest Lexar Professional 633X 64GB SDXC UHS-I Card. We used the Gavagai Explorer to analyze a total of 1 873 reviews from Amazon.

Here are 4 things we found out!

One of the most important aspects is “speed” which in Lexars new SD-card got a grade of 4,65 / 5 and was mentioned in 17% of all reviews. According to customers this is one of the major functions that made them buy the card. It works fast and effective which makes for example a photo session problem free and fun.

“Price” is also an important aspect when buying a SD-card. This topic was graded (4,48 / 5) higher than the overall average grade 4,04 / 5. Price was highly appreciated by customers and found it to be cheaper than other brands SD-card. 

The topic “memory card” got the grade 3,69 / 5 and was below the overall average. Customers’ problems was that they encountered corrupt cards and other annoyances with the memory card. A corrupt card leads to ruined photos.

Is Lexars SD-card up to standards?

Customers found the Lexar card to be a good choice when buying an SD-card and found prices and speed to be the best aspects it has to offer. Quality, storage, and video were also highly regarded topics by customers. 

There were only a few negative reviews thanks to the high overall grade, however, areas of improvement could be to check in on the customers’ reports of a corrupt card as that might render the card useless for the users.

All in all the card scores a high grade from its users and the only thing to consider is the corrupt cards.

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