We analyzed 17 454 reviews about Google Documents

Is Google Documents Struggling To Keep Up With Functionality Demands?

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Google is one of the most prolific and largest tech companies in the world. It produces web applications, electronic devices, cloud solutions, etc. Google recently announced that they have a working quantum computer, a big step for the whole world into the far future.

Google has always been at the forefront of cloud services. To find out how they are maneuvering the challenges of the market, we had a look at Google Documents. We grabbed 17 454 reviews from Capterra and ran them through the Gavagai AI for analysis.

Here are 4 things we found out!

The topic “anywhere” correlates to an average grade of 4,73 / 5, a grade higher than the overall average of 4,68 / 5. It occurs in 11% of all reviews. Individual reviews address the fact that you can access it from anywhere, any time.

The topic “saves automatically” correlates with a grade average that is higher than the average as well. It is included in 23% of all reviews and is often mentioned in connection with the topic “simple”.

The topic “formatting” correlates to a lower than average grade and is included in 9% of all reviews. In 15% of the reviews it’s mentioned, it’s in connection with the topic “options”. Reviewers oftentimes compare google documents formatting capabilities to Microsoft Word.

The topic that performs the worse is “functionality”, which occurs in 16% of total reviews. Reviewers oftentimes compare google documents’ functionalities to MS Word. For example: “The user interface isn’t quite as good and it lacks some functionality that MS Word has.”

Great accessibility but might lack features for professional use

With a staggering grade average of 4,68 / 5 on Capterra, Google Docs is an industry-leading powerhouse in the text manipulation game. Though it seems that they lack some of the functions of similar offerings from Apple and Microsoft. Google is currently trading off advanced features for comfort and simplicity. To become the industry standard for writing software, Google has to address its perceived lack of advanced formatting tools.

The reviewers’ perception of the platform seems to be that it is extremely accessible, convenient and simple to use. All of the top-performing topics such as “anywhere”, “simple”, all of them are referring to the ease of use. All the negative topics are referring to the lack of functionality. Going forward, our tip to google is to keep adding features to Docs if they want to reach a level where all professionals are comfortable with using their software.

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