We analyzed 1 731 reviews about Jean-Georges

How has Jean-Georges handled losing its third Michelin Star?

Jean-Georges is a restaurant in New York carrying the name of Jean-Georges Vongerichten. The Michelin Guide has given the restaurant 2 stars and also called it one of the best french restaurants in America. In 2017 the restaurant lost its third Michelin star.

As Jean-Georges has both a grade average of 4,21 / 5 on google reviews and 2 Michelin stars, we wanted to know what drives its success. To find out, we ran 1 731 reviews through the Gavagai AI for analysis.

Here are 4 things we found out!

The topic “the staff” correlates with an average grade of 4,35 / 5 compared to the overall average of 4,23 / 5. It occurs in 26% of all reviews and has driven positivity consistently over time.

“Lunch” has the highest correlation to higher grades of all the topics. Its mention brings about an average grade that’s 0,43 / 5 higher than the overall average. It is sometimes mentioned in connection to “price” and “menu”.

The topic “atmosphere” also has a correlation to higher grades, having an average grade of 4,52 / 5. It sometimes occurs in connection with “classy”.

When the topic “michelin stars” is mentioned, the average grade of the review is 3,97 / 5. That is a lower grade than the overall average of 4,17 / 5. Its correlation to better grades has decreased from 2015 to 2019.

What can we tell from this?

Looking at the data, it tells us what’s increasing Jean-Georges’ average grade on Google Reviews.

The restaurant has been successful in introducing the price fixed lunch and is consistently getting good grades for their staff. Gavagai Explorer is telling us that them losing a Michelin star has had some negative influence on their average grade. Though the damage does not seem to pull the restaurant too much grade-wise.

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