We analyzed 1 333 reviews about Stamps.com

Is the free trial really free?

Stamps.com is a company that offers customers Internet-based mailing and shipping services. Customers only need a computer, printer, and an internet connection to be able to print official the United States Postal Service stamps and shipping labels from their home or office.

We wanted to learn more about how this online postage service works and how it is talked about among customers.  So we took 1 333 reviews about Stamp.com posted on TrustPilot and analyzed them with Gavagai Explorer.

Here are 4 things we found out!

“Account” is often mentioned together with “cancel” and “close”. It has an average grade of 2,05 / 5, which is lower than the average of all topics (3,66). The topic was talked about a lot in 2013 but since then it has been talked about less frequently.

“Simple” is the most talked-about topic, mentioned in 30% of the reviews. It has a positive impact on the grade and it often occurs together with “convenience”.

The topic “monthly fee” seems to be correlated to a lower grade, while “price” appears to have a positive impact on the grade.

The topic “refund” seems to have a negative impact on the grade. It is often mentioned together with “request” and “issue”.

What can we tell from this?

Customers seem to appreciate the convenience of Stamps.com. The service allows users to prepare their packages for shipment at home, without having to visit the post office. 

In general, it seems that customers are dissatisfied with the monthly fees. Some reviewers mention that the monthly fees are too high for small businesses that do not use the service much.

Our analysis shows that several reviewers had a problem to cancel their accounts after the trial period. While they were struggling to cancel it, the monthly fees added up and the free trial became expensive.

According to customers, the process to request a refund is time-consuming. Some customers mention that the process includes a lot of paperwork. We suggest Stamps.com take a closer look at this, as well as the other important topics listed in the analysis, to see how they can improve customer satisfaction.

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