How much are pet owners willing to pay to register their pets on a lost and found database?

Located in Wixom, Michigan, PetKey offers a nationwide lost and found pet recovery database. It was first established in 2003, with the idea to create a better way of finding missing pets. Today, pet owners in the US can buy microchips, register their pets, and search for lost pets at PetKey’s website.

We wanted to see how pet owners talk about this pet recovery service. Therefore, we took 2 097 reviews about PetKey posted on TrustPilot and analyzed them with Gavagai Explorer.

Here are 3 things we found out!

The most talked-about topic is “easy”. The topic occurs in 21% of the reviews and it is often mentioned together with “register”.

“Price” has a lower grade than the average grade for all topics: 3,33 / 5 compared to 4,29 / 5. It is mentioned in 9% of the reviews, which is more than average.

“Customer Service” is mentioned in 19% of the reviews (more than average). The topic seems to have a positive impact on the grade and it is often mentioned together with “great” and “excellent”.

What does this mean for PetKey?

Pet owners who use PetKey seem to appreciate the easy registration of pets, as well as customer service. Our analysis shows that the price is mentioned in several reviews, and it seems to be a negative driver for the grade. 

As PetKey’s service is preventive, it is important to make customers realize the future value of registering their pets.

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