Pros and cons with ordering jewelry online Becharming review analysis

Picture of a Pandora bracelet.
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PANDORA is a Danish jewelry manufacturer and retailer founded in 1982. The company started as a family-run jewelry shop in Copenhagen but today, its products are marketed in more than 100 countries. is the online business center for the Mall Of America PANDORA store, offering a complete selection of PANDORA jewelry.

We thought it could be interesting to see what customers think about ordering their PANDORA jewelry online. To analyze this, we took 4 229 reviews about the online store posted on TrustPilot and ran them through Gavagai Explorer.

Here are 4 things we found out!

“Shipment” is the most talked-about topic. It is mentioned in 35% of the reviews, often together with “quick” and “free”, and it has a positive impact on the grade.

Reviewers who mention the topic “box” seem to give a lower grade than the average grade of all topics: 4,14 / 5 compared to 4,58 / 5. The topic is mentioned in 4% of the reviews, which is less than average. The topic was talked about more frequently in 2015.

The topic “return” has an average grade of 4,10 / 5, which is lower than the average grade of all topics (4,58 / 5). “Return” often occurs together with “size”. Some reviewers mention that the return process is difficult.

“Selection” has a positive impact on the grade. The average grade is 4,91 / 5, which is higher than the average of all topics 4,58 / 5.

What does this mean for BeCharming?

According to the customers, one advantage of shopping PANDORA jewelry online is the wide selection. Customers also seem to like the shipment, which is both quick and free.  

However, online shopping also comes with disadvantages. One thing customers seem to be dissatisfied with is that they received only one box when they ordered several charms. This can be frustrating if you plan to give them as a gift. Another risk of online shopping is that items do not fit. This problem is not easily solved but to avoid dissatisfied customers, the company can take a look into the return process and see if they can facilitate it in any way. To keep their customers satisfied, we suggest that BeCharming listen to customer feedback and investigate these issues further.

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