We analyzed 1 968 reviews on Macs4u.com

Photo: Tecmark UK

Macs4u.com is a Minnesota-based company that sells pre-owned Apple products and computers. The company started 1984 by providing computer hardware and software support for Macs and PC’s. In 2000 they started offering pre-owned Apple computers and is today a successful e-commerce website.

We wanted to see what we could learn about Macs4u.com and how they are being received by customers. We took 1 968 reviews about Macs4u.com and ran them through Gavagai explorer. Here are some things we learned!

Here are 3 things we found out!

The topic “condition” indicates customers being satisfied with the condition of the delivered products. The topic is occurring in 13% of texts but the topic “looks” which is discussing the same matter has 12%. This shows that reviewers are only using different words.

The topic “customer service” has a grade of 4,88 / 5. This value is lower than the overall average Grade of 4,90 / 5 for the project but is still a very high grade. The topic has been holding a steady sentiment with 90% positivity when occurring since 2014.

The only drop in sentiment and the biggest negative driver in this project go to the topic “refurbished”. Something drove the sentiment around the topic down in 2017. The topic mostly occurs along with the topic’s “computer” and “products” but in 2017 it was mostly occurring along with “iMac”.

What can we tell from this?

The average grade for this project is almost top rated which indicates high customer satisfaction in general. 

Even the negative drivers like “refurbished” are highly rated and there is no indication of a downward trend in any of the topics. However, it looks like Macs4u stood true to delivering as described when looking at such topics and their customer service is something that is mostly occurring with the topic “great”.

Macs4u is clearly a trusted company when it comes to affordable and refurbished Apple products. Even so, it’s important to keep up to date on factors that might cause customers to look elsewhere, especially with other players vying for market share.

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