How iTailor is tailoring their future in the niche online fashion market

What is the customer view of iTailor?

iTailor is a tailoring factory that sells tailormade suits online. They operate out of their own production facility located in Asia.

We wanted to find out more about how iTailor’s unique store concept is being received. By running 2 529 reviews from TrustPilot through the Gavagai AI we made an analysis of what aspects reviewers like, and what they don’t like.

This is what we found out!

Shipping correlates with an average grade of 4,32 / 5. That is lower than the overall average grade of 4,52 / 5. It occurs in 5% of all reviews, sometimes in connection with “price” and “costs”.

“Customer service” correlates to an average grade of  4,67 / 5, a grade that is comparatively higher than the overall average. It is mentioned in 32% of all reviews.

Another topic that has a higher average grade is “workmanship”, correlating to an average of 4,63 / 5. It occurs in 3% of all reviews.

iTailor, alone and prospering on the online tailormade market

iTailor is doing well for itself and is occupying a unique place in the fashion market. Though it seems some reviewers aren’t impressed by all aspects of their execution.

Both the topic “shipping” and “delivery” are performing below the average grade. Both mention topics such as “price” and “cost”, which might mean that experience delivery as expensive. 

The topic “customer service” is, on the other hand, performing very well and pulls the average grade up. 

Overall, iTailor is a company to look out for in the online fashion market. The data shows that their unique tailoring concept is winning reviewers’ hearts.

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