How Gumbies is getting great reviews on Trustpilot with recycled shoes

Photo: Thrifty Look

Gumbies is a company that produces footwear. All of their shoes, flip flops and slippers are made of recycled materials. The company has been in business for 10 years and is based in Australia.

Gumbies has a fascinating concept of shoes that are made of only recycled materials. To find out more about how they’ve been received on the shoe market, we ran 2 245 reviews from TrustPilot through Gavagai Explorer. This is what we found out!

Here are 4 things we found out!

The topic “color” correlates to an average grade of 4,82 / 5. That is a higher grade than the overall average grade, 4,52 / 5. It is mentioned in 6% of all reviews. Sometimes it’s mentioned in connection to the topic “designs”.

“Customer service” has an average grade of 4,76 / 5, which is also higher than the overall average 4,52 / 5. It occurs in 4% of all reviews.

The topic “arch support” correlates to a lower than average grade of 4,05 / 5. “Arch support” is included in 2% of all reviews.

Topics “big” and “wide” are similar both in grade and in content. They have an average grade of 4,07 / 5 and 4,17 / 5 respectively. Both also occurs in 2 % of all reviews.

Thriving customer service and beautiful color options

Gumbies has a great average score of 4,52 / 5 on Trustpilot. Some reviewers seem to really like the color options. There also seems to be a portion that really enjoys Gumbies’ customer support. 

It seems that some reviewers are experiencing issues with the fit of the shoes. The use of the topics “big” and “wide” seems to point to that the shoes might run a bit big for some. “Arch support” is also a topic that is performing under average, though it is mentioned in a fairly small amount of reviews.

Gumbies has launched a unique product in a successful way, and the reviews mirror that fact. For buyers to be able to pick from different, neat colors and receive good customer support is a winning concept when selling shoes online.

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