How is Fabletics Keeping Up With Membership Based Online Fashion Stores?

Example of leggings
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Fabletics is a US-based sports apparel company, co-owned by Kate Hudson. The company is following the trend of partly subscription-based websites for specific kinds of clothing items. Membership is 59,99 USD and you get the membership fee back as store credit on the website.

To see how Fabletics are being received on the subscription-based clothes shop market, we made an analysis. By running 20 000 reviews from TrustPilot through the Gavagai AI, we’ll get a good idea!

What does the data say?

The topic “leggings” correlates with a grade average of 4,25 / 5, which is higher than the overall grade of 3,61 / 5. It is mentioned in 18% of all reviews and is sometimes used in connection with “fit”.

The topic quality correlates with a grade average of 4,51 / 5, which is higher than the overall grade of 4,61 / 5. It is mentioned in 16% of all the reviews and is sometimes used in connection with “clothing”.

The topic with the most negative average grade correlation is “monthly fee”. With an occurrence of 5%, it’s mention lowers the average review grade from 3,61 to 2,08 / 5. It is often used in connection with “month” and “credit”. The topic has also decreased in average positivity increase over time.

Another topic that also correlates with less than average grades is “credit”. When it’s mentioned (8% of all reviews) it correlates with an average grade decrease of 1,16 / 5. It’s sometimes mentioned in connection with “monthly fee” and “membership”. The occurrence of the topic has also steadily increased since December and its correlation to higher grades has decreased.

What does this mean for Fabletics?

It seems like Fabletic’s leggings have been received well since it’s one of the topics with the highest grade average and one of the most mentioned products. The quality also seems like something that is making users give good reviews.

Though Fabletics might be able to improve their grades if they look over their membership structure. Some reviewers seem to be reacting negatively to the monthly fee, even though it is optional. The topic’s correlation to decreasing positivity over time also has implications. It might mean that reviewers are getting less and less positive to Fabletics’ fee system.

The same thing goes for the store credit system since that also seems to bring down average scores.

Fabletics’ products have been received well by reviewers. Though it seems that they could do even better if they revised or tweaked the system by which they sell the products.

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