Review analysis of the restaurant Casa Enrique

Picture of a restaurant in Kos.
Photo: Michal Osmenda

Casa Enrique is a restaurant in New York City. It serves Mexican-style food and is relatively small. It was recently announced that they will be featured in the Michelin guide for the seventh year running. The restaurant was rewarded one star.

We wanted to see how Casa Enrique is doing in the competitive NYC restaurant scene. Therefore we ran 1 269 reviews from google through Gavagai Explorer.

How does the data read?

The topic “tres leches” is correlating with an average grade of 4,85 / 5. That is higher than the overall grade average of 4,30 / 5. It occurs in 4% of all reviews.

Another topic that is performing well is “cocktails”. It correlates with an average of 4,5 / 5 and occurs in 11% of all reviews.

“The service” correlates to an average grade of 4,47 / 5, which is higher than the overall average of 4,30 / 5. It is mentioned in 14% of all reviews.

The topic “price” correlates with a lower average grade at 3,55 / 5. It is included in 5% of all reviews.

“Portion size” also correlates to a lower than average grade at 3,62 / 5 and is present in 4 % of all reviews. Worth noting is that the topic’s correlation to higher grades has decreased from 2015 – 2019.

A lacking sense of value for the customer

Casa Enrique’s grade performance is and has been consistent. Though the data points to a few things that, if considered, might improve the overall grade. 

Both the topic “price” and “portion sizes” correlates with a lower than average grade. That seems to imply that some reviewers don’t feel a sense of value after the visit.

At the same time, Casa Enrique has some areas that the data says are driving grades up. Topics such as “cocktails” and “tres leches”-desserts are performing well. Most notable is the topic “the service” which is also performing very well.

For the future, Casa Enrique might want to take a look at the topics mentioned. The same point goes for any restaurant that wants to meet customers’ requirement of value.

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