Analysis of 12 940 Carousel Checks reviews

What do customers think of Carousel Checks?

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Carousel Checks provides a range of check designs for each customer’s own unique personality. Although specializing in personal checks, they also offer various types and styles of business checks, computer checks, address labels, checkbook covers, pre-inked stamps and much more.

With the automation of the industry growing, we wanted to see how a company in the field of check printing is doing in today’s market and how they are being received. So we took 12Β 940 reviews about Carousel Checks and ran them through Gavagai explorer. Here are some insights!

Here are 3 things we found out!

The topic “box” is the biggest negative driver in this project. It occurs in only 4% of the reviews but 100% along with the topic “checks”. The topic indicates discontent with something involving the boxes.

The topic “customer service” has a grade of 4,67 / 5. This value is higher than the overall average grade of 4,32 / 5 for the project. It occurs along with topics such as “quick” and great” and the overall sentiment around the topic is and has been neutral since 2015.

The topic “printed” has a grade of 4,05 / 5. It is one of the fewer mentioned topics and a negative driver in this project. The topic occurs in 2% of the reviews but what is interesting here is that it only has around 5% occurrence ratio along with the topic “incorrectly”. This indicates that the printing mistakes on the checks are very few.

What can we tell from this?

The experience, the quality, and the customer service provided by Carousel checks seem satisfactory to customers. The topic β€œprinted” is a negative driver but does not necessarily mean the prints are bad.

We think this analysis might help companies like Carousel Checks improve their business, and at times like these where many seek to automate many businesses. It’s imperative for companies in this field to analyze and push on attributes that cannot be exchanged for an E-check that offers convenience and faster processing.

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