The 8th best restaurant in the world? A quick analysis of Daniel 60E, NYC

What is the customer experience at Daniel’s in NYC?

Restaurant Daniel opened its’ doors in 1993. It can be found in the former Mayfair Hotel on Park Avenue. The restaurant serves food from around the world and has both two Michelin stars and a number 8 placement on the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list by Restaurant Magazine. But that’s what the critics say, what do the customers write about their experience.

We took 1 343 customer reviews from written by Daniel’s customers for the customers. We ran then through Gavagai Explorer to see what we could find out. Here are the results!

Here are 4 things we found interesting!

Customers have given the restaurant a high overall rating! The average rating for Daniel was 4,64 / 5 among over 1000 customers. This means topics had a small deviation, but the Gavagai Explorer could still highlight the finer details that make a difference in the customer experience.

The staff seems to be exceptional, 23% of the reviews contained the topic “staff”. this was the most frequent topic and associated with a rating of 4,67 / 5. It was found together with the “atmosphere” in 18% of the reviews and was frequently found together with the expressions: great, excellent, impeccable and amazing.

The food is expensive, 8% of the customers mentioned the price of the food. This topic was associated with a rating below the average (4,40 / 5). And 26% of this lower rating could be accounted for by the association with the topic “astronomical”.

It’s not just a restaurant, it’s an experience. The second most frequent topic was “experience” which was mentioned in 11% of reviews. This topic was frequently talked about together with “dining” and “best”. The average rating was 4,77. In 2013 there was a dip in the sentiment for this topic with only 50% of the reviews having a positive “experience”.

What does this mean for Daniel 60E, NYC?

The food might be expensive but the customers give the restaurant a very high rating. Driving forces for the high rating are the staff, the selection of food and the experience.

Gavagai was able to highlight specific time periods in which customers have been less satisfied with the experience, demonstrating the power of using the software to look into the finer details of a well functioning restaurant. 

But this was just a quick review, as previously mentioned the topics found highlight very fine differences in rating to highlight to small things that can take a customers experience from great to excellent.

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