We analyzed 1 678 reviews about Wowfare

How do customers experience the Wowfare travel agency?

Photo: Irene Grassi

Wowfare was established 11 years ago and is a travel agency. The company pride themselves on offering their customers the cheapest and most comfortable airline tickets. They offer international and multi-stop travel bookings with a 24/7 customer service call center.

We wanted to see if Wowfare lives up to all the hype. So we took 1 678 reviews about Wowfare posted on Trustpilot and ran them through Gavagai Explorer. Here’s how the customers experience the Wowfare travel agency!

Here are 4 things we found out!

Customers rate Wowfare! The average rating for the airline was 4,85, with 8% of all reviews stating that they would recommend the service. Customers using the topic “recommend” most frequencies discussed it together with “customer service” and “price”. 

Satisfaction with Wowfares customer service is at an all time high in 2019. Customer service was discussed in 33% of the reviews. Customer service was commonly discussed together with “helpfulness” and “booking”. The net sentiment for customer service (positivity of the reviews) has increased from 45% in October 2018 to 100% in October 2019.

Customers like the price and to talk about it. The topic “price” was found in 45% of all the reviews. The sentiment and occurrence of this topic have been relatively stable over time, apart from in September 2018. In this month customers were positive in only 30% of the reviews containing “price”. At other time periods the net sentiments have been on average 70%.

Wowfare is great for family travel. The topic “family” was discussed in 5% of the reviews and was associated with a rating of 4,93. This was above the average rating of 4,85. This topic was most frequently found together with the topic “price” (22%) and “friends” (19%).

What can we tell from this?

Customers are very happy with the service they receive and give the company a very high rating. The business plan Wowfare is using certainly seems to be working well for them. An overall average of 4,89 / 5 doesn’t leave a margin for improvement.

The travel agency seems to cater well for families and many of their customers would recommend the service. 

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