Review analysis on Trianiums screen protector

We wanted to see what we could learn about these products and how they have been received by consumers

Example of a screen protector for a smartphone

Trianium designs and manufactures mobile accessories such as phone cases and screen protectors. The company strives to create and provide superior products with innovative solutions.

Screen protectors are generally used by all that carry their precious mobile phone. Therefore we wanted to see what we could learn about these products and how they have been received by consumers. We took 4 931 reviews about Trianiums Screen protector posted on amazon and ran them through Gavagai explorer. Some things we learned really surprised us!

Here are 3 things we found interesting!

The topic “bubbles” has a grade of 4,63 / 5 and occurs mostly in relation to the topic “install”. Bubbles are a common issue involving the installment of screen protectors. But the analysis indicates that the topic is not a negative driver.

The biggest and almost only negative driver in this analysis is the topic “cracked”. When we take a closer look in the topic, it seems customers are not satisfied with the screen protector cracking to easily.

The most mentioned topic is the topic of “install”. Here we can see a topic that has the most occurrences and has high sentiment tracked over time. the topic refers to the application of the screen protector on the phone display.

What does this mean for Trianium?

The analysis indicates an overall qualitative screen protector with very few negative drivers. As stated above, the topic “bubbles” is here average rated which for many screen protectors it is a downside. The answer to the grade of the topic might be the good instructive guide and installment kit being sent out to customers to make the appliance easier.

Although the analysis shows a high grade this does not necessarily mean this product does not need improvements. We found impactful topics in this analysis such as “fit” and “cracked”, which seems to be in need of amending.

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