Everyone loves pearls for presents! 5 927 reviews on The Pearl Source

What do customers think of The Pearl Source?


For more than 20 years The Pearl Source has been one of America’s biggest importers of Freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls. They deliver pearl jewelry with timeless elegance to their customers.

We wanted to see what we could learn about customer’s experiences of a jewelry company. We took 5 927 reviews about The Pearl source posted on TrustPilot and ran them through Gavagai Explorer. Some things we learned were really interesting!

Here are 4 things we found out!

The topic “gift” drives the average grade up. Customers speak about their relatives and partners and how they love their gifts from The Pearl Source. “Gift” has an average grade of 4,88 / 5 and the overall average grade is 4,81 / 5.

“Size” is a negative topic for the overall grade. Some people are disappointed because they expected something different from what they got. The average grade for “size” is 4,71 / 5 and the overall average grade is 4,81 / 5.

The problem with customers that don’t get what they expect is not limited to size. The topic “received” is the biggest negative driver for the overall grade. It is the same problem that the customer expects more from their products and get disappointed when they receive their jewelry. The average grade for “received” is 4,69 and the overall average grade is 4,81 / 5.

The customer service is a positive driver for the overall grade. The top 4 emotive words connected with customer service are “excellent”, “great”, “good” and “helpful”. Customer service has an average grade of 4,85 / 5 and the overall average grade is 4,81 / 5.

What can The Pearl Source learn from this?

We can see that customers order a lot of their jewelry from The Pearl Source as gifts. Christmas and Valentine’s day are often mentioned holidays. It would be wise to use these holidays in marketing.

A problem that occurs among customers is the distinction between customer’s expectations and the actual products. Maybe it is possible for The Pearl Source to improve their information and pictures online to give customers a better understanding of the products.

The customer service seems to be very appreciated and it is something that The Pearl Source can be proud of.

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