We analyzed 2 482 reviews about Super Smash Bros

We wanted to see what Nintendo had to offer with its continues of the Super Smash Brother franchises.

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Nintendo is a Japanese based company that has created games that we have come to love and consider classics. For instance, Pokemon, Mario, Zelda and many more. In the famous franchise of Super Smash Bros, all Nintendo characters come together and fight in the most extravagant brawl ever.

We wanted to see what Nintendo had to offer with its continuation of the Super Smash Brother franchises. We have analyzed a total of 2 482 reviews from Amazon with Gavagai Explorer and hope you find the results as interesting as we did!

Here are 3 things we found interesting!

One thing Nintendo is exceptional in creating is local multiplayer games.  It is one of the most popular feature of the game. “Local multiplayer” has a higher grade of 4,68 / 5 as opposed to the average value of 4,43 / 5. This shows an increase of 0,25 / 5.

Players appear to be very satisfied with the overall content of the game. The topic “content” has a higher than average grade of 4,88 / 5 and is frequently paired with topics “variety” and “story”. Other frequently mentioned topics that tells us that the game is loved are “great”, “amazing” and “packed”.

An area of improvement which many customers have voiced their opinion about is the “online mode”. The average grade of the topic is 3,93 / 5, and it’s often paired with topic “lag”

What can we tell from this?

The analysis showed that the game provides a huge variety of content, a roster that likely is one of the biggest and most diverse ones out there and a fun local multiplayer experience. Other areas customers thought Super Smash Bros Ultimate exceeded in was the game’s mechanics which gives a variety of combos and ultimate moves with makes the gameplay more interactive.

As shown there is a need for improvement of the online gameplay so that players can enjoy playing on a global level. Another area that some think is in need of improvement is the in-game items. Some find them to be too many, however, that might be more of personal taste than an actual problem since players can customize what items they want to allow in their gameplay.

This game is also meant to be enjoyed with friends and family as it is a fun competitive game that is portable thanks to the design of the Switch so you can bring it wherever you want.

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