We analyzed 1 967 reviews about StockX

We wanted to see how StockX has been received by reviewers

Photo: Amy Ross

StockX is a shoe auctioning/market site that conceptually works similar to a stock market. A seller asks for a certain price on a shoe they own, a buyer makes bids and when the two numbers correspond, the item gets sold. StockX works as a middle hand in this process, authenticating and sending items to the buyer.

As it is a new kind of marketplace, we wanted to see how StockX has been received by reviewers. We grabbed 1 967 reviews from Trustpilot and ran them through the Gavagai AI to analyze the service.

Here are 4 things we found out!

The topic “fast” correlates with an increase in grade by 2,85 / 5, with the average use of the topic boosting grades from 2,96 to 4,81. With an occurrence of “fast” at 5%, reviewers who like that the service is fast really seem to like it.

The topic “app” correlates with an increase in grade by 1,45 / 5 at an occurrence rate of 7%. The topic “app” is used with the topic “customer service” in 22% of the reviews. This seems to say that a lot of people that give good reviews like the app.

The topic “customer service” is used in a staggering 44% of the reviews and correlates with a grade-decrease of 0,28 / 5. Often used in connection to the topic “refund” at 6% of all uses. The topic “refund” drives negativity at an average rate of 1,31 / 5.

The topic “account” is used in 6% of all reviews and correlates with a grade-decrease of 1,37.  This is pushing the average score of 2,96 / 5 to an average score of 1,59 / 5. It is used in connection with “customer support” in almost 60% of total occurrences.

What can we tell from this?

StockX has some obvious problems with customer service according to the data, which shows that it is a popular and controversial topic on Trustpilot. ”Customer service” is mentioned in almost 50% of the reviews and is like a black hole for grades. All the topics that correlate with a lower grade average, such as “account” and “refund” are very often mentioned in connection with “customer service”.

Overall, the site seems to be doing well. Topics such as “fast”, “easy” and “app” correlate with a very high grade-average, and that is in StockX correspondence with how StockX wants to perform. It might be worth looking into securing solid customer support.

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