We analyzed 7 223 reviews about Shoedazzle

We wanted to see how Shoedazzle was received by reviewers

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Shoedazzle is a fashion subscription service created by Kim Kardashian and Robert Shapiro, among others. The subscription is 39,95 USD a month and allows you to get special deals on shoes of varying exclusivity. If the user doesn’t find anything they want to buy, they can opt-out for the month.

Being the one the first services of it’s kind, we wanted to see how Shoedazzle was received by reviewers. We fed 7 223 reviews from TrustPilot to Gavagai’s AI to assess what aspects drive Shoedazzle’s average grade of 3,60 / 5 on the reviews we tested.

Here are 5 things we found out!

Mentioned at a frequency of 12%, the topic “price” correlates with an 11% increase in grade. It oftentimes used with the topics “styles” and “deals”.

Another seemingly strong performing topic is “selection”, a topic driving positivity at a rate of 19%. Often seen next to “price” and “styles”, “selection” pulls our attention to the number of clothes offered.

The topic “customer service” correlates with an increase in grade of 3,96 / 5, compared to the overall grade average of 3,60 / 5. At a frequency of 10%, customer service is driving a fair bit of grade increase when used.

“Account” is not performing well at 2,5 / 5 in average grade when mentioned compared to the average 3,6 / 5. Occurring at 2% of all reviews, the topic is correlating with a considerable decrease in positivity.

Connected to account is “fee”, which correlates with an even lower 1,19 / 5 decrease in the average grade. Also occurring at 2%, it’s mentioning in connection with the topic “39,95” decreases the average grade even more. “Fee” also often used next to “membership”.

What can we tell from this?

Shoedazzle has a fairly average score of 3,60 / 5 in the reviews we tested. Reading the data, it seems they have a lot of important boxes checked, as the mentioning of price, selection and customer service are correlating with an increased grade average. The topics that are dragging the grade down are all connected to the subscription itself, such as “account”, “fee” and “charged”. It seems that a few users are reacting violently towards the fees and the fact that the user has to shop or opt-out or get charged 39,95 USD is putting a dent in average grade score.

For anyone attempting a similar service, making sure that the fees are transparently implemented might help regarding this problem.

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