We analyzed 12 046 reviews about a mobile screen protectors

Review analysis on-screen protective glass.

Screen protectors are used to act as a second layer on the display of your mobile phone to protect it from scratches and scuffs. Moreover, they are hardly noticeable. Some are thin, tempered glass and some are self-healing films that repair themselves if scratched. This analysis is for the tempered glass.

We wanted to see what we could learn about these products and how they have been received so far by consumers. So we took 12 046 reviews from Amazon about a screen protector for iPhone and ran them through Gavagai explorer, and some topics we found were really interesting.

Here are 3 things we found interesting!

Customers are happy about the easy instalment of the protection. The topic “install” is the most occurring and one of the highest-rated topics in the analysis, with an average grade of 4,80.

The topic “glass” has a lower than average grade of 4,36, and a strong relation with the topic “bubbles”. Upon further studies, it seems that customers are complaining about bubbles appearing in between the protector and phone.

Looking at the topic “crack”, we can see a negative driver in this topic. There seems to be about the complaints about the screen protector although being protective, is also easily cracked. The topic occurs in 5% of the texts and is frequently paired with the topics “screen” (in 23% of the cases) and “scratches” (in 26% of the cases). “Crack” has a lower than average grade of 4,24.

What can we tell from this?

We think this analysis indicates that the products actually work. But the problems surrounding the products is not about what it is designed to do (to protect).

The complaints are about the easily cracked film of the screen protector and in some cases customers experience bubbles forming in between the film and display.

We also found some potential topics where the customer’s negative opinions on the protective film not covering the whole display.

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