Rainbow Shops: A successful adaption from physical stores to online presence

How did Rainbow Shops make this transition smoothly?


Rainbow Shops is a well-established clothing chain targeting primarily women, plus sizes and children. It has a physical presence across the US through 1 300 retail stores, as well as a store online. The company has been around since 1935.

We wanted to see how Rainbow Shops has developed and how their products are being received online. With the Gavagai AI, we analyzed 17 201 reviews to find out how Rainbow Shop is doing today.

How is Rainbow Shops faring?

Being mentioned in 22% of all reviews, the topic “price” correlates with an increase of 0,6 / 5 in grade average. An interesting thing to note about the topic is that it’s being mentioned less and less over time, plummeting 80% from 2017 to 2019.

Mention of the topic “website” will boost the overall grade by an average of 0,43 / 5. It is also mentioned quite often at 14%.

A sleeper topic that does not show up in the graph, but does show in “Topics & Grade” is the topic “plus-size”. At an occurrence rate of 6%, driving positivity up by an average of 0,45 / 5, it improves the grades where it’s used quite a bit. Also worth noting is that mention of the topic has been consistent over time.

Rainbow Shops keeping the core audience happy

With a high average score of 4,15 / 5 in the reviews that we looked at, Rainbow Shops has been doing well over time. It seems that their success can be linked to competitive prices, them keeping up with their website but also keeping on catering to their core target audience. Plus sizes seem to be an attractive offering to a lot of people across the US, and Rainbow Shops seems to offer what the community wants.

Rainbow Shops shows that consistency in market focus and target audience pays off when adapting from physical retail to online shops.

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