We analyzed 3 000 reviews about The Plaza Hotel

We wanted to find out what guests thought of their experience at The Plaza Hotel

The Plaza Hotel is located right next to Central Park and has been there since 1907. For over a millennium the hotel has given top class service and has stood there through bad and good times.

 We wanted to find out what guests thought of their experience at The Plaza Hotel. Thanks to the Gavagai Explorer we have analyzed 3 000 reviews from TripAdvisor and hopefully, this post will give you an insight into how it is to stay at The Plaza Hotel.

Here are 3 things we found out!

One of the highest regarded and most mentions topics was “location” with an average grade of 4,36 / 5 compared to the overall grade of 4,28 / 5. Some words that frequently occur (more than 20%) with “location” are “restaurants”, “shopping” and “great”.

The topic “rooms” had an average grade of 4,17 / 5, which is slightly lower than the overall grade of 4,28 / 5. The sentiment regarding “rooms” has sunk by more than 20% in the last three years.

The most mentioned topic is “the staff” and is found in 70% of the reviews. The average grade of the topic is 4,28 / 5, putting it exactly on the overall average. “The staff” seems to be widely appreciated and is mostly associated with positive words, such as “friendly” and “great”.

What can we tell from this?

All in all, The Plaza Hotel offers a wide variety of services and has many tourist sights such as Time Square within walking distance. High-quality bedrooms, staff and most importantly the location will make your New York stay fantastic! 

While the topics, in general, all have rather high grades, we can see the sentiment regarding “the rooms” falling in the past three years. The topic is most commonly associated with “the staff” and after reading a few reviews, it seems that the falling sentiment might be because of booking problems. Several people mention not receiving the rooms they booked and being moved between rooms.

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