We analyzed 4 994 reviews about Philip’s Sonicare Essence

We wanted to find out how Philip’s Sonicare Essence has been received

Philips is a Netherlands-based health technology company that makes an assortment of electronic devices for different markets, such as home entertainment, personal hygiene, kitchen appliances, etc. The company is one of the most prominent makers of electronics in the world.

Philips electric toothbrushes have a strong presence in the oral hygiene market. To find out how different aspects of their products are received, we took 4 994 reviews from amazon and ran them through Gavagai Explorer for analysis.

Here are 4 things we found out!

The topic “the price” is used frequently at a 13% occurrence rate and correlates with an increase over average grade by 1,15 / 5. Occurrence in combination with grade increase makes this topic an exceptional driver of grade positivity.

The topic “easy” has a high effect on grade positivity, but a low occurrence rate at 3% and a grade of 4,67 / 5. This means that it is an aspect of the product that causes reviews to score a lot higher than the grade average overall, but not very often.

There are topics that correlate with a decrease of up to 1,32 / 5 compared to the average grade, and those topics are “water”, “inside” and “mold”. The topics are used in about 3% of all reviews.

The topic “mold” usually occurs in combination with “inside” and “head” and reviews that mention it has a lower than average score by 1,32 / 5.

What can we tell from this?

Overall, the Sonicare Essence has a decent average grade of 3,49 / 5, but with one point that’s really driving scores down. “Mold”. The data seems to point to some flaw in the construction that lets in water and makes mold grow in the toothbrush. It is not mentioned especially often, but often enough for it to considerably lower the average grade of the product.

A topic that is carrying this product is “price”, which has a considerable positive effect on reviews that mention it.

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