Marea, New York, does this two Michelin star restaurant manage to bring the coast of Italy to Central Park?

Are customers satisfied with their experience of Marea?

Picture of raised cuttlefish from Marea
Photo: Krista

Marea 240 is a restaurant located by Central Park in NYC. The restaurant brings food inspired by a coastal Italian menu to the streets of New York. The restaurant has two Michelin stars among other prestigious awards. Do the customers agree with the critics?

We wanted to see what we customers are saying about the Marea 240 restaurant in NYC. So we took 1 479 reviews for people who have dined there from and ran them through Gavagai Explorer. Is it the place to eat while visiting NYC? Let’s see what people are saying!

Here are 5 things we found interesting!

Customers love to eat lunch at the Marea. The most frequent topic was “lunch” with 25% of all reviews talking about this. It was associated with an average grade of 4,42 and commonly found together with the topic “the staff” (36%) and “great” 23%.

The Marea has great staff and this keeps the customers happy. The topic “staff” was mentioned in 23% of the reviews. These customers gave the Marea an average rating of 4,41 / 5, higher than the overall rating of 4,36 / 5. It was commonly found together with “lunch” (39%) and “great” (19%).

Customers rate the seafood at the Marea. The highest-rated topic was “seafood” which was mentioned in 5% of the reviews with an average rating of 4,69 / 5. This topic was associated with the terms: “amazing”, “delicious”, “best” and “town”.

Do people have trouble making a reservation at the Marea? The lowest average rating was 3,84 / 5 and referred to the topic “reservation”, which was mentioned in 2% of the reviews. The positivity for this topic was very low in 2016 and has since then increased, with over 90% of customers discussing the topic “reservation” positively in 2019. This topic was most frequently associated with “table” (22%),  “lunch” (22%) and “advance” (15%).

Customers are less impressed with the dessert menu than the lunch menu. The topic “Dessert” was talked about in 4% of the revies. It had an average rating of 4,13 / 5, which is lower than the overall rating for the restaurant (4,36 / 5). The sentiment for the topic of dessert has decreased since 2017 and is at the lowest it has been in 2019.

What does this mean for the Marea?

Customers love to have lunch at the Marea and think that the staff is great. However, it seems in some periods it has been difficult to make reservations and book a table in advance. However, our analysis suggests that they have fixed this problem. 

The average rating for the desserts is decreasing and therefore this is something that the restaurant could need to improve in order to improve customer satisfaction.

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