Analysis of 3 151 iCruise customer reviews

What is iCruise customer’s experiences with the company?

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iCruise is one of Florida’s most extravagant travel agencies and offers a wide variety of destinations and cruise ship companies you can travel with. Destination range from Hawaii, Alaska, Bahamas, and Europe. The company has big names as travel partners and some examples of those are Royal Caribbean, Regent Seven Seas, and Disney.

With being such an influential travel agency, we at Gavagai wanted to analyze reviews about iCruise. We ran a total of 3 151 reviews posted on TrustPilot through Gavagai Explorer and hope the analysis will be helpful to you.

Here are 4 things we found out!

One of the most liked aspects of the companies was the travel “agents” customers got assigned to.  A total of 49% were positive regarding their agent as they found them helpful and reliable. In 50% of the reviews, the reviewers were neutral but also leaning to the positive side. Only 1% of the reviewers mentioned their agent negatively.

The verdict of the customers was that a total of 61% of the reviews that mention pricing was positive towards it. Customers were surprised that the price in the advertisement was the actual price when booking as many found that not to be the case with other travel agencies. Others really appreciated that their agents could sometimes create special promotions or bonuses for them.

Many first callers or those who were interested in traveling with the help of iCruise found their first encounter with customer service to be a delight where 56% were positive towards the service. Regarding payment and other services, the customers found the customer service to be quick and go above and beyond to help. Only 3% was negative for the service.

The analysis shows that customers could sometimes be disappointed in the reservation. Mainly because of human errors where they might have been promised something that was not delivered. In the reviews, 8% were negative with the reservation aspect. However, the positive side was still above and landed on 17% being positive to their reservation.

What’s the verdict for iCruise?

All in all, iCruise had exceptionally high ratings and a large majority were happy with the service they had been provided during their cruise. The backbone of the company is the agents and the variety of companies they are partners with. The partnership makes it easier for the agents to utilize them and offers helpful or discounted deals for their customers. Agents were also the main line of communication during the cruise and many people felt that they could rely heavily on their agents.

What can be done better is the reservations, as being promised something like a balcony, but just get an ocean view instead, can be quite the bummer during a vacation. However, this can sometimes be a human error from the agents or company which should be taken into consideration. 

Customers found the travel agency service to be one of the best on the market and felt that iCruise creates personalized dream vacation for its customers.

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