We analyzed 2 000 reviews about Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

We wanted to see the opinion of the customers that bought Samsung’s new smartwatch

Samsung is known for being innovators in the tech industry and produces phones, smartwatches, software, TV and much more. The demand for smartwatches has grown exponentially and Samsung is facing this challenge with its newly created Samsung smartwatch model called Galaxy Watch.

We wanted to see the opinion of the customers that bought Samsung’s new smartwatch. The Gavagai Explorer has analyzed a total of 2 000 reviews, from amazon, which varies quite a bit so stay tuned and see what the next generation of smartwatches has to offer.

Here are 4 things we found out!

Features is one of the highest graded topics (4,02 / 5). One of the flagship features is the health tracking system that keeps track of the wearers stress levels, heart rate and the number of steps the wearer takes per day. This is one of the most liked features according to customers, especially the stress level feature which is quite unique.

Samsung designed the Galaxy Watch in a more classic sense compared to other smartwatches. The watch can both have a classic watch look and later switch to the more modern look with touchscreen and a big variety of apps. The topic “deisgn” got the average grade of 3,85 / 5 which is slightly higher than the overall average grade of 3,70 / 5.

For many customers, it is imperative that a product can easily be used by anyone. The Galaxy Watch connects through bluetooth and has an app that can be used by both android and IOS. Users of the watch found this easy and made the experience of setting up the smartwatch for the first time quite enjoyable. Grading was 3,69 / 5 so just one step below the overall average but still has a decent grade.

A feature that the Galaxy Watch offers is paying through the watch. This feature replaces the use of credit/bank cards. However, the customers have found this feature to be quite troublesome. You can only pay at places with near-field communication (NFC) which is not so common compared to the widely used magnetic secure transmission (MST) system. Average grading for this topic was 2,89 / 5 and was the topic that impacted the overall average grade most negative as it was the lowest grade.

With the different health systems, there is a need for a certain accuracy when calculating the number of steps or heart rate. Some customers have been complaining about that a few features on the samsung smartwatch is not accurate and makes it hard to work out from time to time. Other customers review says that updates have solved this issue. The verdict by the customers was a grade of 3,22 / 5.

What can we tell from this?

The Galaxy Watch is quite popular and has an average of 4 stars. The design and health tracking system is by far the most liked general features of the Galaxy Watch. Customers that bought this product were also happy to see that the battery life lasts the whole day. The watch matches easily with any outfit possible so users will always know the time and look good at the same time! 

Areas that are in need of improvement is the payment system where the payment system might be more reliable in the future as more and more places will use the NFC system. However there is no set date or certainty when that might be so, for now, the payment feature is not so viable. 

All in all a majority of reviewers recommend this product highly and want you to enjoy yourself with the new generation of Samsung watches.

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