We analyzed 16 885 reviews about Western Union

Does Western Union satisfy its customers?

Western Union is one of the world’s biggest banks and stretches over the whole globe. With that much responsibility as a bank, it is imperative that the service they offer is up to par with other world banks.

Being such a famous worldwide bank we wanted to see what the customers of Western Union think about the service they provide in general. The analysis will go through a total of 16 885 reviews with the help of Gavagai Explorer.

Here are the 5 things that stood out the most!

Western Union offers a wide variety off service where the most popular customer service was face to face at their many locations around the world. Customers found the face to face service to be efficient, friendly, helpful and graded it 4,23 / 5 which is higher than the overall average grade (4,02 / 5).

It is commonly known that banks take fees for their service and this fee can vary a lot depending on the bank. Customers at Western Union found the fees to reasonable and even if they sometimes find it a bit high Western Union usually compensated with being effective and quick so it was still worth every penny. The topic “fees” were the most mentioned and were in 43% of all reviews and had the grade of 4,17 / 5.

One of the highest graded topics was “apps” (4,53 / 5). Many customers use Western Union to send money to their families that live in other countries and find the app to be quite handy to easily send money abroad. The app is also well made and easy to use which might ease of the stress of handling one’s economy in the first place.

The grading for “call center” shows that an area of improvement is needed in phone support as many customers experienced long waiting times, the support hangs up or that they get transferred to different support agents several times. In a positive light customers likes that Western Union calls you to make sure that you authorized a transfer to other accounts and makes their service feel more secure. The average grade was 2,73 / 5 for the call center and is way below the overall average (4,02 / 5) which gives quite a negative impact.

During cancelled transactions either by the bank or the customers, many found it to be long waiting time. To get your money from the transaction back where it usually takes 7 to 10 days according to the customers. The aspects of cancelled transactions bring down this topics average grade to 3,32 / 5. Otherwise, they found it easy to do a transaction thanks to the website, app or the face to face customer service. 

What can we tell from this?

Western Union has an exponentially high review score and has a total of 4,5 stars on TrustPilot. The positive feedback dominates the reviews heavily and overall Western Union is able to provide a high standard of service to its customers. Other positive feedback is the use of a point system which is an extra plus for customers who use their service regularly. 

However, it might be worthwhile for the company to improve the call center according to customers. It was quite intriguing to see the big difference between the service provided in their many locations and phone support. Solutions could be having a course in customer treatment for workers. For the transactions, it might be time to look into how other banks do with cancelled transactions and how they refund the money faster. 

The results of this analysis are that Western Union satisfies it’s customers and provides a top-class service. 

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