We analyzed 513 reviews about the Uber app

What is the customer experience of Uber in Sweden?

Uber is an American ridesharing company, based in San Francisco. The company operates in over 785 different metropolitan areas worldwide and they are estimated to have about 110 million users. The aim of their ridesharing app is to offer customers fast and reliable rides within minutes – day or night.

We wanted to see how users talk about Uber in Sweden. So we took 513 Swedish reviews about the Uber app and analyzed them with Gavagai Explorer. Since Explorer analyzes the text data in Swedish, we added the translation afterward. 

Here are 5 things we found interesting!

Reviewers who mention the driver (“chaufför”) seem to give a lower grade than the overall average. While the topic has been talked about more frequently over time, the sentiment has decreased. The topic occurs in 20% of the reviews, meaning it is the most talked-about topic.

The topic “wait” (“vänta”) has an average grade of 1,97 / 5, which is lower than the average of all topics (3,48 / 5). It is often mentioned together with “car” and “driver”. It only occurs in 6% of the reviews and the topic has increased in occurrence during the last two years.

The price (“priset”) seems to have a positive impact on the grade but it has been talked about less frequently over time. The sentiment for the topic has decreased.

The topic “free” (“gratis”) has a very positive impact on the grade but it has decreased in occurrence since 2016. It is often mentioned together with discount code.  

The topic “payment” (“betala”) has an average grade of 2,42 / 5, which is lower than the overall average (3,48 / 5). The negative impact on the grade is even bigger when “payment” is mentioned together with “penalty fee”. During the last two years, this topic has been talked about more frequently.

What does this mean for Uber?

Our analysis shows that some of the positive drivers, such as the price, is decreasing in occurrence. It also appears that the discount codes were a temporary drive to attract new customers. 

Other topics, such as the drivers, are being talked about more frequently over time. Unfortunately, it seems as customers are getting more dissatisfied with the drivers as the sentiment is decreasing. 

Another negative topic is “wait”. Although it is only mentioned in 6% of the reviews, people have started to talk about it more often during the last two years. 

To stay competitive in the mobility industry, we suggest the company follow up on the topics that seem to be driving negativity, especially those that are increasing in occurrence. Note, this analysis was done on open-sourced reviews. If Uber used their in app reviews data, then Uber could analyze the topics by different demographics such as, exact time of day, or high value / low value users.

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