Twitch review analysis show user unhappiness with audio

Twitch is a streaming platform where you can watch people play games as a form of entertainment. We analyzed 12 000 reviews about Twitch with Gavagai explorer and found out that the platform is having issues when it comes to audio and updates according to users.

Here are 4 things we found out!

Also important while watching streams on Twitch is the “audio”, and this topic got the grade 2,20 / 5 and is below the overall average grade. Users found the audio to often be out of sync with the stream and could be delayed to up to 20 seconds. This audio problem usually happens after an ad had been played according to the customers.
The topic “updates” are mentioned in 7% of the reviews. While the sentiment towards the topic has been rising lately, the topic is one of the lowest graded ones. It is commonly mentioned along with words such as “app” and “streaming”.

Caption of the Gavagai explorer dashboard for this analysis.

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Amongst other things, users found that many problems were related to the ads as they seemed to have caused both audio quality and streams interrupting and might be good to implement the ads in a smoother way.

Some users mention that the app is unusable after it has been updated for various reasons. Some reviews say that it is because it keeps crashing, that because the resolution keeps changing itself or can’t be changed. It is also mentioned that it crashes because it tried to load an ad after it was updated.

The research team at Gavagai had run this analysis using our text analysis tool. Data in this article are collected from public data that is published on Google Play.

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