Analysis of 10 000 Spotify app reviews shows unhappiness with the music being interrupted

The Spotify app is a music streaming application where you can listen to music from all over the world for free. We analyzed 10 000 reviews about Spotify and saw that users complained about the internet connection and that the music stops without pressing pause.

Why do we say that?

The topic “stops” is a negative driver for the overall grade. It tends to be extra negative when it appears alongside the topic “constantly”. In 50% of all mentions of the topic “stops” the topic “play” is also mentioned. The average grade for “stops” is 2,07 / 5 and the overall average grade is 2,50 / 5.
Another negative topic to the overall grade is “internet”. The topic “connected” is the most commonly used together with “internet”. The “internet” topic has an average grade of 2,03 / 5 and the overall average grade is 2,50 / 5.

We wanted to see what users thought of the spotify app. 
Some conclusions: | 👎 Stops| 😢 Internet |

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The relation between “stops”, “play” and “constantly” indicates that there are issues with music that constantly stops playing. Some users mention that the music stops playing once their screens are turned off. It might be good to check if this is a wide-spread problem and why it happens.

Internet issues are a bit harder to pinpoint exactly what the problem is. Some address the same issue with music that stops despite internet connection. Others say they can’t get out of offline mode even though they are connected to wi-fi. However, “internet” has the lowest average grade of all topics and it could be wise to look into why this is.

The research team at Gavagai had run this analysis using our text analysis tool.Data in this article are collected from public data that is published on Google Play.

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