We analyzed 568 reviews about Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg

How can this 5-star hotel improve?

Sofitel Hotel & Resorts is a hotel company based in France, offering luxury hotels in several countries. One of their hotels is Le Faubourg, a 5-star hotel located in the heart of Paris, close to the Champs Elysées.

We thought it could be interesting to see how guests talk about one of Paris’ luxury hotels. Therefore, we took 568 reviews about Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg posted on Tripadvisor and ran them through Gavagai Explorer.

Here are 5 things we found out!

When the topic “clean” is mentioned, the average grade is lower than the overall average: 4,21 / 5 compared to 4,46 / 5. This topic often occurs together with “bedrooms” and “bathrooms”.

The topic “decor” seems to have a positive impact on the grade but it has decreased in occurrence since 2016. It is mentioned together with “chic” and “nicely”.

Reviewers who mention the topic “Hermes” seem to give a higher grade than the overall average: 4,63 / 5 compared to 4,46 / 5. This topic often occurs together with “bathrooms”.

“The concierge” seems to have a higher grade than the overall average: 4,66 / 5 compared to 4,46 / 5. The topic is often mentioned together with “helpful”.

The topic “location” is mentioned in 78% of the reviews, which is more than average. It often occurs together with “shopping” and “embassy”.

What can we tell from this?

Our analysis shows some important topics that guests talk about. The topic clean seems to have a negative impact on the grade when it is mentioned together with bathrooms and bedrooms. Even though the negative impact is quite small, it is important for the hotel to improve every aspect to stay competitive among guests. 

It appears that the hotel offers Hermès bath products, which seems to be a positive driver for the grade. The hotel is also located close to Hermès’ main boutique, which can explain why several reviewers talk about this topic. 

Our analysis also shows that several guests talk about the location. We found out that the hotel is located on the same street as the American Embassy. Some guests mentioned that they felt very safe surrounded by police, while others pointed out that it was quite difficult to get to the hotel by car. However, it might be good to inform guests about this in advance.

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