Slack app review analysis shows user unhappiness with notification

Slack is the communication software tool that brings all team communication and collaboration into one place. We ran  8 375 reviews about Slack through Gavagai explorer and noticed that a lot of users are dissatisfied with the notification system. There are also some complaints about the app crashing.

What do we base this on?

The topic “notifications” have a negative impact on the grade. It is often mentioned together with “messages”, “push” and “sound”. It looks like the topic was talked about more often in 2013 and 2014 and the sentiment around the topic has decreased over time. Looking at the reviews, people are talking about the notification system as unreliable.
The topic “crashing” has an average grade of 2,09 / 5, which is lower than the overall average (3,16). It is often mentioned together with “updates” and “open”.

It appears that some users think it takes too much time to load messages. Other reviewers mention that the app is constantly crashing. Reviews mention the app crashing while scrolling through messages, when it’s opened and after updates.

One thing users talk more about is the notifications. The problems here seem to be whether the notification system is reliable or not but people also seem to be annoyed by the sound of the notifications. Some users claim they missed important communication because they did not receive the notifications. Since this is such an important aspect of a communication tool, we suggest the company investigate this further.

The research team at Gavagai had run this analysis using our text analysis tool. Data in this article are collected from public data that is published on Google Play.

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